Miriada X

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Miríada X is available to anyone interested in Massive Online Open Courses (known as MOOC) for free, open,unrestricted, unconditional, no schedules, no cost, without barriers.

Miríada X main purpose, since 2013, is to boost and encourage higher education knowledge in Latin America. The initiative promoted by Telefónica Educacion Digital -a company specializing in providing online learning solutions for Education and Training- and Universia -the largest network of Spanish and Portugueses speaking universities- looks forward to encourage the dissemination of a knowledge open space in the Latin American Higher Education sector.

Miríada X is the main MOOC platform in Latin America and in Spanish and Portuguese, with nearly 500 courses, more than 2.5 million students enrolled and a growth of more than 20,000 new students a week.

Meet us in our networks or on our website (Spanish and Portuguese).

Website https://miriadax.net/home

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MiriadaX/

Twitter https://twitter.com/miriadax?lang=es