Introduction to Management Accounting(自主模式)


  • 什么是随堂模式?


  • 什么是自主模式?


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Start learning at your own pace to get a qualification and a career in business and finance, with this introduction level course from ACCA-X.



Interested in a career in business? Knowledge of accounting will be key to your success. By studying at your own pace, this Introduction to Management Accounting course is an ideal starting point if you want to:

Start a career in business, finance or accountancy
Study business or finance at school or college
Launch your own start-up
Prepare for ACCA’s exam in Management Information (MA1)

And the best thing is you do not need any previous knowledge of accounting- Simply sign up and start learning straight away.

Course discussions will be moderated.

This course does not offer an edX certificate.

However, you can earn the ACCA Certificate in Financial and Management Accounting by registering with ACCA as a student, passing the ACCA’s exams in Management Information (MA1) and Recording Financial Transactions (FA1) and completing a free online module called "Foundations in Professionalism." A free exam preparation course for FA1, called Introduction to Bookkeeping, is also available through ACCA-X

What you'll learn

In this course we will guide you on the next step of your finance journey by exploring:

  • The nature and purpose of cost and management accounting
  • How to record and classify costs
  • How to use spreadsheets



Course orientation
Course survey
Lesson 1: Welcome
Lesson 2: Getting your ACCA certificate
Lesson 3: How do I study this course?
Meet the tutor live - weekly welcome webinar information
MA1 Section 1
Welcome to Section 1
Lesson 1: Business organisations and transactions
Lesson 2: An introduction to cost and management accounting
Lesson 3: Information for management
Section summary
Additional material
MA1 Section 1 optional exam questions
MA1 Section 1 graded exam questions
MA1 Section 1 further optional exam questions
MA1 Section 2
Welcome to Section 2
Lesson 1: Cost classification and behaviour
Lesson 2: Calculating and reporting the profit of a product or service
Lesson 3: Cost centres, profit centres and investment centres
Lesson 4: Measuring performance
Section summary
Additional material
MA1 Section 2 optional exam questions
MA1 Section 2 graded exam questions
MA1 Section 2 further optional exam questions
MA1 Section 3
Welcome to Section 3
Lesson 1: Coding systems
Lesson 2: Procedures for purchasing
Lesson 3: Procedures for recording labour costs and sales income
Lesson 4: Accounting for materials
Section summary
Additional material
MA1 Section 3 optional exam questions
MA1 Section 3 graded exam questions
MA1 Section 3 further optional exam questions
MA1 Section 4
Welcome to Section 4
Lesson 1: Accounting for labour
Lesson 2: Employee remuneration, productivity and labour costs
Lesson 3: Accounting for overheads
Lesson 4: Job costing, batch costing and process costing
Section summary
Additional material
MA1 Section 4 optional exam questions
MA1 Section 4 graded exam questions
MA1 Section 4 further optional exam questions
MA1 Section 5
Welcome to Section 5
Lesson 1: Spreadsheets: an overview
Lesson 2: Spreadsheet skills 1
Lesson 3: Spreadsheet skills 2
Lesson 4: Presenting information using spreadsheets
Lesson 5: Spreadsheets: role, design and limitations
Section summary
Additional material
MA1 Section 5 optional exam questions
MA1 Section 5 graded exam questions
MA1 Section 5 further optional exam questions
Revision section
Lesson 1: Summing up
Lesson 2: MA1 optional practice test
Lesson 3: Revision Tests
Lesson 4: MA1 graded practice test
Lesson 5: What next?
End of course survey
End of course survey


  • Barry Walsh ACCA new ventures Accountant

    Barry is a professionally qualified accountant with experience working in a number of different industries. He has also been employed as an accounting software consultant. For the past 15 years Barry has worked in professional accountancy publishing and training. He has written study texts and other products, covering a range of subject areas and qualifications including products reviewed and approved by ACCA. He has also written objective test questions for use in professional accountancy examinations.

  • Tara Askham ACCA new ventures Accountant & Writer

    Tara has a wealth of experience in teaching, examining and writing assessment and training materials for the accounting profession. Tara has taught Bookkeeping and taught and co-ordinated Accounting courses at Central College, Nottingham. She has worked as a freelance examiner and writes examination papers for Bookkeeping and has broad experience in writing assessments for computerised testing.

  • Linsey Taylor ACCA new ventures Senior Tutor

    Linsey trained as a Chartered Accountant with the firm BDO Binder Hamlyn, after completing a degree in Business Law. She has also worked in industry, principally with Air Products plc. Here she gained Europe-wide experience of their business. After a brief venture as the co-owner of a small hotel in North Wales, a chance conversation led to a successful career change into education. After ten years working in a university as a senior lecturer, Linsey joined Epigeum as senior tutor for ACCA-X. She has experience teaching students face to face and also via distance learning. Her students have twice voted her most inspiring tutor in the last four years. Linsey has lived near Oxford most of her life. Her sporting interests are mainly water based, with sculling and coaching junior rowers being a current passion. Travelling and reading occupy much of her free time, as do her children.